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Cooler Master has two production sites, in Huizhou and Kunshan respectively, and six production plants. The plant in Kunshan is mainly for assembly of heat exchangers and laptop cooling modules for the sake of capitalizing on Automotive and Laptop supply chains. The major production site is in Huizhou, comprised of five plants – Passive Cooling Component and Module plant, Active Cooling Module and System plant, Ultra-Precision Machining plant, System Assembly plant, and Cooling Technology System Plant. Each plant runs like a fully functional company encompassing quality assurance, procurement, R&D, administrative and logistic teams.

Cooler Master invested invests a considerable amount resources and continued to purchase the latest equipment to meet the strict and diverse needs of our customers.

We are brave in pursuing the ever-changing technology. While purchasing equipment, we are constantly looking for solutions to improve our products and quality.


Automated production is a global trend, but Cooler Master has to move toward “intelligent management” in the same time; only if we improve our production capabilities with “Intelligent Automation,” Cooler Master would be able to create the highest specification production base.

MES tracking and monitoring system

To maintain the consistency of quality, Cooler Master’s systematic production line management monitors strictly with in-house MES and management tools.

From the incoming materials, load to the production line, through various processes, our employees can monitor every process visually by those on-time display billboards; and diagnose abnormalities, the inventory, every machine’s status, and even the performance of every single employee.

Every item produced by CMC has its ID, or we call it as production resume. With this barcode attached or graving on the product, we would able to scan, then backtrack and verify all information of this item (such as when, where, for which customer and produced by whom). Also, CMC’s MES collects and analyzes data to helps the company to continuously improve the overall operating system.

More than quality control, we always keep a tight connection with customers to maintain the best status of supply and inventory.

With our in-house pull system (as the example chart is shown here), this is weekly review of customer’s data (such as PO, forecast, amount of actual shipping, and etc.), CMC would able to analyze the forecast figures, historical data, and consumption, then generate the suitable production plan for customer;  to ensure products shipping on-time, and remain the proper inventory.

Our intelligent cargo & shipping management system would able to effectively scheduling the time for suppliers’ trucks to load and unload goods, to optimally use the limited docks space & resources.

3-year Industrial 4.0 Program and Goal

With the continuous improvement of MES, Pull-System, and highly automated production system, Cooler Master wants to build up a smart factory by “IoT” concept. The factory system can help to arrange production schedules, maintain  inventory status, monitor every machine utilization rate to inform advance the expected failure caused by key component’s service life, energy consumption, and environmental impact management. Immediate abnormal warning to both on-site and off-site personnel, help to diagnose issues at the first time when happened.

Cooler Master kicked off a 5 yrs. Smart factory program, as also called “industry 4.0” project; we target to increase 70% efficiency, to shorten 50% lead time, and 6-sigma certified on the quality control system. To make our plant smarter, faster, and also more friendly to our environment.