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Case No.1: Ultra-slim Vapor Chamber

Slim vapor chambers (VC) are developed for all the applications with space constraints, such as mobile devices and 1U server. With advantages like large contact area and quick thermal response, slim VC can be used to multi heat-sources devices, to reduce heat spreading resistance and hot spots.

We compared the thermal response between slim vapor chamber and copper base at same dimension. Thermocouples attached to both the top/bottom of vapor chamber and copper base samples with 60°C hot water surrounding. As shown in the chart below, the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the vapor chamber is extremely small through the test period.

Cooler Master can achieve a thickness of vapor chamber down to 2 mm, and we continue optimizing the thermal performance.

The internal performance design of vapor chamber can be estimated and predicted by a simulation program. The calculation indicates that the number of wick columns and diameters significantly impacting on overall performance.