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The design capabilities and forward-thinking mentality make Cooler Master become a key partner to most industrial leaders when the joint development of innovative products. We have all the simulation tools in place, from flotherm, icepak, and floEFD, to self-developed ones like a heat exchanger capacity calculator. Keeping all the manufacturing processing in-house, Cooler Master execute “design for manufacturing” and “design for quality” and ensure all the designs to be fully implemented on the production lines.

Meanwhile, Cooler Master collaborates with Taiwan’s major technology and research organizations such as Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), and Chung Yuan Christian University (NYCU) to joint-develop industrial-innovative technologies and materials, especially to focus on the early-stage development. Combining application know-hows and design capabilities, Cooler Master take into consideration of performance, cost, weight, space, and other key factors while proposing the best thermal solutions for our valued customers.

Reference Screenshot Image of System simulations

Reference Screenshot Image of Liquid cooling simulations

Reference Screenshot Image of Mechanical simulations

Reference Screenshot Image of Heat exchanger performance calculator