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Renewables are gradually established around the world as main-stream sources of energy. Several key factors – improving cost-competitiveness of technologies, dedicated policy initiatives, energy security and environmental concerns, growing demand for alternative energy – are constantly driving rapid growth in especially developing and emerging economies like China and India.

Photovoltaics and wind turbines are very dynamic markets during past few years. The advances of IGBT and power module technologies – the major heat sources inside the facilities – continually bring breakthroughs like having more power discrete in a single module. While improving the compactness, overall efficiency, as well as total cost, thermal management becomes even more critical. Taking non-residential photovoltaics; as the scale of per installation gets larger, and so does cost concern, industry urgently looks for a new type of cooling solution that able to managing more heat dissipation from multiple 600-1700V IGBTs with space constraints.


Cooler Master entered the renewable energy industry and created a line-up of products via strategical collaboration with tier-1 customers in China and Europe. We also devoted ourselves to new technology development even ahead of customers’ imminent needs as it takes time for the industry to adopt new solutions. We have dedicated products for Photovoltaics and wind turbines respectively:


Thermal management issues in solar power systems occur with inverter systems, ranging from kW range residential systems to MW sized power plants. While string inverters are used in residential to medium-sized commercial PV systems, central inverters are common to large commercial and utility-scale sites.

To effectively control the environmental temperature of invertor, the cooling module and sub-system inside have to ensure endurance in tough environments with less maintenance. Cooler Master provides various types of heat exchangers using phase transition and thermosiphon technology to achieve dust and waterproof as well as high performance.

To further manage even higher power density and to keep the temperatures of power module constant over time, Cooler Master provides an active liquid cooling system to have IGBTs mounted on a cold plate or heat pipe module. One of the keys is to select a non-conductive, non-corrosive liquid or coolant to cool critical components. For residential ones, we provide die-casted frame embedded with heat pipes or vapor chambers for best trade-off between performance and overall cost.


Today the mainstream for wind turbine industry is utility-scale ones, built on open windy land or off-shore and each turbine can produce 1.0-6.0 MW. There are also some relatively small wind turbines that power individual houses or businesses to generate around 100 kW.

Cooler Master provides air-cooling solutions like heat exchangers for small-scale wind turbines; for utility-scale ones, we provide hybrid coolers embedded in customers’ water-cooled systems to achieve the most available compromise between size, weight, and the cooling capability to remove additional heat loads by spreading them out adequately.