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Cooler Master in Cloud Data Center

As the power trend of server system power continues to grow; thermal management becomes to a critical challenge, especially in Data centers and High Performance Computer (HPC). With widespread applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC), the rack server would usually consume 50 megawatts of power or more, which translates into much more heat. Regarding data-center thermal management, major considerations include cooling capability; upgrading capacity and efficiency, water saving, thermal controls, and system-performance reliability. IT managers and datacenter operators evaluate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which encompasses the sum total of operational and capital expenses involved in erecting and maintaining a data center, and decide and provision the operation of a data center in which the cooling systems likely take to 50% of the total electric power bill for data centers.

Power usage effectiveness (PUE), a ratio of how efficiently a data center consumes energy, which is the key factor to measure datacenter efficiency. While air-cooled servers remain mainstream designs as of today, Cooler Master foresees a significant growth of liquid cooling solutions in next few years thanks to the evolution of new technologies and advanced coolants, which offers efficient cooling capacity, minimizes the risks of leakage, and the total carbon footprint. Compared with average air-cooled data centers, liquid-cooled ones can achieve PUE below 1.1 and even to 1.02 in real cases.

Cooler Master provides air cooling, liquid cooling, and hybrid cooling solutions to meet different demands of our customers for different scenarios like revamping the existing data centers or building a new one in harsh environment. Regarding air cooling solutions, we offer semi-standard parts for Purley platform servers of 1U, 1.5U, 2U, and Tower to address air flow, space, and layout/routing limitations. With flexible combination of Fins and Bases, customers would able to implement their variable design options and accelerate the time to market.

Cooler Master Semi-standard thermal solutions for Data center

Cooler Master foresaw the rise of liquid cooling technology which outperforms in high efficiency and energy conservation, however, the existed risk of coolant leakage as well. Therefore, back in 2010, Cooler Master started developing the key components in the liquid cooling system such as pump, cold plate, reservoir, and quick connector and decided to keep manufacturing in-house to ensure the quality. We ramped up a full liquid cooling production line in 2015 and now provide a wide range of solutions, with both closed loop (tray-level) and open loop (rack level) solutions. Having both air- and liquid-cooling expertise and experiences, Cooler Master now customized hybrid cooling solutions for some of our top-tier customers as alternatives.

Cooler Master’s Liquid Cooling production milestones

As data centers increase power density continually, Cooler Master expects clients’ more investment and bold move into liquid cooling solutions. Seeing the market requirements stay diversified, Cooler Master can capitalize on our comprehensive experiences and capabilities in all types of cooling solutions and proactively propose the best one for our customers.