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Cooler Master in Client Devices

As consumer electronic devices constantly innovate and improve designs to be smaller, thinner, lighter, more reliable, and more powerful, devices’ thermal solutions providers are facing the increasing challenges of limitations for form factor, cost-performance ratio, and weight. Cooler Master established fundamentals from CPU cooler back in 25 years ago and then gradually entered various client devices including PC, AIO, notebooks, graphic card, mobile devices, and AR/VR as of today.


Cooler Master has a long standing experience in creating cost-effective solutions for PC and All-in-one Desktop systems. With advent of ICT and IoT era, those devices may become more powerful and compact. Cooler Master is always preparing for the further development; we are ready for new approaches to larger-scale system integration of thermal management, power supply, and smart control system.

Gaming Notebook

Along with the emergence of gaming fanaticism, graphic thermal solution design for gaming laptops becomes particularly challenging to overcome strict space and weight limitations. On the other hands, high-performance cooling solution can bring added value to the consumer products or even becomes the spotlight. Cooler Master has co-branded with top-tier notebook companies to release 3D-VC laptops and liquid-cooled laptops for professional gamers and received phenomenal market feedbacks. We continue innovating in ultra-slim technologies to help our customers differentiate their value products.

Graphic Card

Cooler Masters is proud to be the official strategic partner of Nvidia and AMD; both are add-in graphic cards dominant providers. We intensively collaborate with both companies on original designs by proactively proposing value-add features like LED dimming. By keeping in-house production of all the key components, Cooler Master strives to achieve the best balance in terms of cooling performance, noise, and cost.
Cooler Master is always keen to know the taste and crave from the end users through our own brand retail business channels. Cooler Master capitalizes on the knowledge and implements fast-pace internal value chain management to constantly adapt to the market trends as well as customer’s needs. The responsiveness and accuracy is what our customers matter most and appreciate in the industry. Starting from 2015, we expanded our portfolio to cosmetic and mechanic parts in order to be the “One-Stop Shop” for world’s top players and end customers.

Mobile Device, VR/AR

For mobile devices and emerging applications like Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), or Mixed reality (MR), Cooler Master continues developing ultra-slim VC technologies by partnering industrial leaders to achieve thickness below 0.4mm. We also developed slim fan of 2mm in thickness to fulfill specific requirements in those applications.