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Charging Stations

Along with the significant growth of global electric vehicle market, to install adequate charging facilities is also being one of the essential issues. To fulfill this increasing demand globally, local authorities, electricity operators, and equipment providers are intensively working together to set up aggressive establishment plan.

Nowadays charging stations are divided into ordinary charging pile, which supports below 10kW (slow-charge), and the fast charging pile supports up to 720KW or more (fast-charge). There are two types of the fast-charging pile: centralized and dispersed; depends on the number of charging guns that each fast-charging pile can support.

Though the performance is improved, the thermal and maintenance issues become more and more critical while the power density goes up. Cooler Master provides series of thermosiphon heat exchanger solutions for dispersed fast-charge piles of 30kW, 60kW, 90kW, 120kW, 150kW to 180kW, supplemented by a sub-system of water cooling when necessary; to fulfill the harsh demands of low-cost but high-performance.

For centralized fast-charge piles of 240kW, 300kW, 360kW, 450kW, 600kW to 720kW, CMC propose the liquid cooling sub-system solutions, including heat exchanger supplemented by cold plates, considering the fore-front investment, electricity savings, and easy maintenance.

For customers who want to upgrade the power modules inside the station but to consider the cost of cabinet and the conventional connectivity; Cooler Master also provides heat pipe modules or liquid cooling modules, to replace the conventional aluminum extrusions which are bulky, heavy, and low efficient. Cooler Master is always here; we are ready to fulfill clients’ surging requirements.