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Automotive Headlight

Thanks to new technologies, a series of innovations in headlights such as AFS (Advanced Forward Lighting Systems), ultra-high resolution LED headlights, and laser lights are realized and will be widely implemented. Automakers are pursuing enhanced performance, improved security, and classic designs; while thermal management becomes to a major challenge. Thermal designs for headlight are mainly about monitoring and managing the temperature with automobile electronic system. Currently the automakers request to control the ambient temperature under 80 ~ 85℃ and the heat-source temperature under 105℃.

Cooler Master provides liquid cooling sub-systems to fulfill stringent requirements and surging demands. The liquid cooling sub-system is usually comprised of radiators, pipes, pumps, and cold plate and so on. To adapt to such harsh environments, Cooler Master strictly selects automotive-grade raw materials and follows automotive standards from simulation, design, assembly and testing. Regarding the control system, firstly we can achieve real-time detection of liquid level and send alarm signals if liquid amount reaches lower limit. Furthermore, with temperature monitoring via embedded sensors, we can control the operation level of cooling system to adapt to the system temperature and to synchronize with system processors.